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with more than 10 years leading edge IT consulting experience in enterprise, embedded and engineering systems development

My name is Ömer Gürsoy. I have studied computer science in Dortmund and began work as a developer at the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. After my studies I was employed at Opitz Consulting as an IT consultant for two years. In 2007 I moved to itemis, where I was working as senior IT consultant, software architect, product manager, and authorised officer for eight years. Since 2015 I am an independent IT consultant.

Engaged as analyst, trainer, developer, architect, and project manager I developed enterprise, embedded and engineering systems. As an independent IT consultant I support my clients developing high-quality technology ahead IT solutions.


strategy and management consulting, project management, requirements and traceability engineering, object oriented analysis and design, systems engineering, architecture design, domain specific language design, model driven software engineering, agile development, continuous delivery, performance troubleshooting, trainings


  • Airbus – SAT & UAV Engineering Platform – Design of a systems engineering platform for satellite and drone development. 2019
  • AUDI – Validation Automation – Design and development of DSL and automated tool chain for test and simulation systems composing and deployment. 2018-2019
  • Continental – Swarm Management & Deployment – Design and development of swarm management and deployment for an automotive machine learning IDE. 2018
  • BOSCH – Automotive IDE & OS 4 HAD – Design and development of integrated development and runtime environments for highly automated driving. 2017-2018
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers – Business Context Manager – Design and development of an enterprise system for business management. 2016-2017
  • GROHE – GROHE Sense – Development of a cloud-based middleware for GROHE’s IoT products. 2016
  • itemis – YAKINDU Traceability – Design, development, management, and sales of a traceability solution with a team of 20 engineers. 2010-2014
  • Rhenus Logistics – Logitrack – Transformation of an Oracle Forms based logistic application to a Java enterprise application. 2013
  • BOSCH – ALM Evaluation – Evaluation of ALM solutions for an enterprise-wide application. 2013
  • BOSCH – Autosar Workbench Troubleshooting – Performance optimization of an Autosar based development environment. 2012
  • itemis – YAKINDU Requirements – Development of a requirements management solution. 2012
  • T-Mobile – Model Driven Data Warehouse Design – Development of a development environment for model driven data warehouse design. 2010
  • Rhenus Logistics – Architecture design for a warehouse management system. 2008
  • PVS Rhein Ruhr – PVS Dialog – Model driven development of a billing system. 2008
  • Caterpillar – Shearer Specification – SysML-based modelling of an underground mining machine. 2008
  • BOSCH – MSR Type System – Type system implementation for a template language. 2008
  • BOSCH – Generator Code Coverage – Development of a code coverage measurement tool for a generator framework. 2007
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers – Service Platform – Development of an enterprise system for economical auditing. 2007
  • RWE – Load Profile Analyzes – Development of a power consumption analysis tool. 2006-2007
  • RWE – Extranet – Development of a custom content management system. 2006
  • Ford – Homologation Timing System – Transformation of an Oracle Forms based market launch planning system to a Java enterprise application. 2006
  • Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr – QUMA – Development of a Java enterprise application generator for the development of a traffic quality management. 2006
  • IKB Deutsche Industriebank – Movesta – Website design for a content management system. 2006
  • Federal Office for Agriculture and Food – RM – Performing requirements management trainings for a government department. 2005
  • Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health – GPSG – Thesis: Model-based development of a standards management system. 2005
  • BOSCH, Hewlett-Packard, Continental, KOSTAL, T-Mobile, Gruner + Jahr  – MDD – Preparing and performing model driven software development trainings. 2005-2017


  • Requirements Traceability with an Eclipse-based Tool Chain (REFSQ 2014)
  • Werkzeugübergreifende Traceability von den Anforderungen bis zum Code (REConf 2014)
  • Improving agile development processes by adding traceability to existing tool chains (Kugler Maag CIE-Forum 2012)
  • Requirements Engineering & Management with Eclipse (ReVVerT 2011 @ ICST)
  • Improving system development using traceability (JAZOON 06/2012)
  • Requirements Engineering & Management with Eclipse (Eclipse IDD Berlin 2011)
  • Model Driven Software Development with Eclipse (eclipsIST 2009)
  • Text is also a model – Model Based Testing using a textual model (Sofware-QS-Tag 2008)
  • Modellbasiert mit Eclipse entwickeln (Embedded Software Engineering Kongress 2008)


  • Requirements Engineering für agile Prozesse mit Eclipse (Electronic Praxis 02/2012)
  • Java Torwächter – Universelle Sicherheit mit Acegi Security (DOAG News Q3/2007)
Ömer Gürsoy